Supertouch Events Pty Ltd Trading as Bungee Jumping

Welcome to Bungee Jumping - Gautengs first Bungee jumping facility, based in Krugersdorp - Mogale City

Bungee Mogale offers bungee jumping since 2005. Since Bungee Mogale opened its doors in 2005 we have done around 6000 jumps

We have varoius activities such as a 320m foofy slide, bridge swing, burma bridge and a combination of various packages.

Our facility also offer accommodation, restaurant and conference facilities, apart from all the adventure we also offer corporate teambuilding activities, touchrugby and whitewater rafting please browse our site and you will be pleasantly suprise.........


The History of Bungee Jumping

There is an island in the South Pacific, Pentecost Island, that is part of the Vanuatu nation. They have a tradition, called "land diving" that is the root of what we today know as "Bungee Jumping".

Young men of Pentecost Island performed, and are still performing, the "land dive" ritual as a rite of passage to prove their manhood.

The ritual is quite simple:
- Build a tower
- Pick two vines
- Climb to the top of the tower
- Tie the vines ends to your ankles and the other end to the tower,
and then jump, quite simple, or is it?




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