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Payment Options

This is a cash free zone, you can either pay using EFT.


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Use your name, surname & date as reference.

e.g. 'Kobus Kruger - 12 Dec'

The Rush

50 meters of pure adrenaline rush! The bungee jump operates off the Kings Kloof Bridge in Krugersdorp Mogale City. Challenge the limits of the mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off the impressive bridge. Minimum weight of 40 kg, maximum weight of 100 kg.

Payment Options

The Bungee, Bridge Swing and 320m Foofy-Slide is open to the public on:

Saturdays 11:00 - 17:00

Sundays 11:00 - 17:00

Public Holidays 11:00 - 17:00

No bookings required on weekends.

(Bookings required if more than 6 people during week days OR groups larger than 10 over weekend)

Facilities available

  • * Restaurant
  • * Ladies Bar
  • * Accommodation not self catering
  • * Conferencing

Directions to SterKfontein Heritage Lodge and bungee site

Restaurant Available


Packages Available

Please email to book



  • *Bungee @ R400.00 per jump
  • *Burma Bridge @ R200.00 p/p
  • *320m Foofy Slide @ R150.00 p/p
  • *Bridge Swing @ R250.00 p/p
  • *320m Foofy + Swing R350.00 p/p
  • *Bungee/Swing/Foofy - R600.00p/p
  • *Bungee+Swing+Foofy+Burma @ R800.00
  • *Burma+Swing+320mFoofyslide @ R500.00
  • *AbseilR250.00p/p Min 6 Booking essential

We have card facility however we have network problem from time to time - we advise you bring cash with


Minimum fee R2000.00 per group of 10 people there after R200 p/p additional (If you are less than 10 people minimum charge of R2200.00 applicable)- Booking essential.

Bungee Photos Availalble @ R100.00 p/p.

*Please bring memory stick so you can recieve your photos on the same day otherwise you will only receive your photos three working days later.



click on foofyslide to go to activity

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click on Bridge Swing to go to activity
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click on Frequent Ask Questions for more info

Important Notice

Please wear COMFORTABLE CLOTHES & TEKKIES the road to the bungee is a dirt rd - do not wear sandles or flip flops.